Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Face Paint vs. Nail Polish

Today, Eliza came home from preschool with face paint on. It was beautiful, it was sparkly, it was ALL over! Bonnie decided it would be a good idea to paint her face too for fun. She couldn't find any appropriate paints, however so she got creative and used pastels to make herself a dog. I did not get pictures of either of those. I wish I did though. They have been washed off. Lily wanted to get into the game as well. She didn't want to be left out out. While I was outside helping Brett, she went up into my bathroom, opened up the cupboard, and found my nail polish. When I found her, she had it on her cheeks, lips, chin, one pinkie toe, and both hands. She actually had it on her teeth! I thought about calling poison control, but I figured if she had really swallowed any, it would be all over her back teeth, and she would be crying. I think she just got it on her teeth while swiping nail polish over her lips like lip gloss. So if I find any awesome way to get nail polish off of teeth, I will pin in on pintrest! (The nail polish now has a new home up really super high, where a certain 2 year old girl can't get to it!)

 Her finger got in the way, so you can't see her two front teeth.  At least it is a pretty purple color!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Eliza's 5th Birthday!

I decided it was high time that I post again! And what better thing to post about than Eliza's birthday? I have never before had a child so incredibly excited to have a birthday! Being 5 is going to be sooooo much better than being 4! Well, we will see how it goes! Her birthday started out with her being the first one up. She prompty woke up Brett, (I was able to pretend to sleep in a little bit). After all the kids got up, we started making Eliza's birthday doughnuts! Yum! The girls helped me frost and sprinkle some of them. We had three different kind of doughnuts, frosting with sprinkles, cinnimon and sugar, and powdered sugar. They turned out delicious! After breakfast was over, we cleaned our house up, and got it ready for her birthday party. She wanted our friends the Triances, and the Weights to come. We made homemade pizza, and ate snowman cake. Eliza had sooooo much fun opening her presents. She got some really cool ones this year. I was excited for her! All in all, it was a pretty good day for her!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Drama At It's Best

Eliza is still wearing a diaper to bed. We have been trying to get her to stay dry all night, but that is really hard to do. She used to be able to do it, and then WHAMMO-she totally reverted back to wetting the bed every night. For the last couple of weeks, she has been unhappy with having to wear a diaper at night time, and saying that she doesn't have a diaper on, she calls it her "undies". I won't let her call the diaper "undies" cause I don't want her to talk herself into thinking that she really does have undies on. Well, last night, she kept herself dry all night!! Her diaper was unused this morning! Yeahhhhh! So I thought lets reward this and maybe she will do it again. She got jelly beans for her success. As we were trying to get her ready for bed tonight, I was telling her that she could have more jelly beans in the morning if her diaper was dry again. She was pretty put out, because she wanted them right now. Also, she thought since she was dry last night she shouldn't have to wear a diaper to bed tonight. Brett was trying to get her to come to him so he could put her diaper on. She kept backing away and saying, "But mom, but mom, that won't work! That won't work!" I asked why that wouldn't work and she said, "BEEEECAUSE!!! If I put that diaper on I will get dead!" Yikes! I didn't realize I was putting her life in danger! I will have to be more careful on where I put those darn diapers!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ethan's 10th Birthday

Ethan turned 10 in November. He wanted a dinner in with just mom and dad. So we made his favorite seafood, shrimp and crab legs! It was quite the feast! We made a really big mess, and I forgot to get birthday candles, so Ethan was a good sport and blew out a number 8 candle! Also he didn't want any cake, he said he doesn't like cake. Just add it to the list. What list you ask, the list of things Ethan doesn't like. A shorter list is of the things he does like and will eat! We had chocolate silk pie instead. I could get used to chocolate sild pie for birthdays!